Amazon delivers new jobs to Illinois

Despite Illinois’ ongoing uphill battle to keep businesses from leaving, one of the world’s largest retailers is expanding facilities and bringing jobs to the state.

Amazon Incorporated, an enterprising e-commerce company, continues to expand throughout the state. The global retailer opened another fulfillment facility in northern Illinois back in September, creating approximately 1,000 jobs and continuing Amazon operation expansion in Illinois.

The e-commerce giant’s Romeoville facility is just one of five current fulfillment centers operating in Illinois with another four facilities expected to be up and operating by 2018, bringing with them more than 8,000 jobs from all nine facilities throughout the state. 

The successful expansion of Amazon’s facilities throughout the state and the job growth being generated underscores the importance of fostering business development in Illinois. According to Senate Republicans, this means putting an end to the policies that drive businesses out and implementing critical reforms, like workers’ compensation reform and significant property tax relief, which make Illinois more business-friendly and competitive with surrounding states.

Jil Tracy

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