Amendatory veto plan would be better for schools

According to analysis based on funding levels from the enacted budget, the Governor’s planned amendatory veto would create a fairer system for the state’s K-12 schools.

By removing the Chicago-only deals, more money would be distributed through the evidence-based model, which uses scientific data and accepted best practices to send funding where it is needed most. This would ensure Illinois schools are funded more equitably, and direct precious state resources to the neediest school districts based on the evidence-based model—not on political deals for one school district.

No schools would lose funding under the Governor’s planned amendatory veto. Struggling districts and lower-income districts would pick up much-needed help. As an example, East St. Louis would gain approximately $2,604,945 due to the Governor’s amendatory veto, compared to just $1,378,691 under Senate Bill 1 in its current form. Peoria would add $4,076,775 with the veto, versus $1,850,542 through the current version of Senate Bill 1.

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Jil Tracy

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