Tracy earns perfect score on Illinois Manufacturing Legislative Scorecard

This week, the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) gave State Senator Jil Tracy (R-Quincy) a perfect score on her 2017 Illinois Manufacturing Legislative Scorecard.

“I’m honored to have earned a 100 percent on my manufacturing scorecard,” said Tracy. “The manufacturing industry is a leading job creator and key source of revenue in my district and across the state. Companies and jobs are leaving Illinois every day. As legislators, by supporting manufacturing, we’re supporting a healthier, more competitive economy that will draw business back to Illinois.”

Each member of the Illinois Senate and House of Representatives was scored based on how their votes aligned with the organization’s positions on 10 pieces of legislation they considered to be crucial to manufacturing business and interests.

According to TMA, in 2016, the manufacturing sector provided 571,800 jobs in Illinois and sold $54.86 billion in manufactured goods exports. Despite manufacturing being a key driver of the Illinois economy, the Legislative Scorecards, released on November 13, reflected that only 22 percent of senators scored 75 or better (only 17 percent scoring 100) in support of manufacturing, while 78 percent of senators voted against legislation that would encourage manufacturing growth.

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Jil Tracy

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