Senate passes several different gun safety bills

The Senate passed several different gun safety bills during the week. Support for the different legislative proposals varies, with some members opposing every bill, and others who support one or more of the proposals. Discussions on gun control will likely continue to dominate public and legislative discourse up to and beyond the General Assembly’s scheduled adjournment May 31.

In the Senate, two gun control measures were approved Feb. 28.

House Bill 1273 would update The Gun Dealer Licensing Act (Senate Bill 1657), which has been passed by the Senate and the House, and now awaits consideration by the Governor. 

If the Gun Dealer Licensing Act is signed by the Governor and does become law, House Bill 1273 proposes to implement several changes:

  • States that the video surveillance system required at businesses that sell firearms will not have to be implemented until Jan. 1, 2021.
  • States that each license be valid for five years. An application fee or renewal fee for a dealership license or a dealer license shall not exceed $1,000 for the five-year period.
  • Clarifies that the gun store video surveillance mandate does not include bathrooms.

A second bill, House Bill 772, would allow family members or law enforcement to file for a lethal violence order of protection if someone poses an immediate and present danger by owning or purchasing a firearm. The legislation aims to help identify individuals who display signs of dangerous behavior, and remove their FOID card and any firearms in their possession prior to a possible shooting. It also outlines suspicious behavior that may not be covered under traditional protective orders.

Jil Tracy

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