Tracy responds to IEPA and City of Quincy investment in new water supply

Governor Bruce Rauner, the Illinois Environmental Protective Agency and the City of Quincy hosted a press conference on May 16 to announce the development plans for a deep well in Quincy that will offer a new water supply, as an alternative to the Mississippi River. As State Sen. Jil Tracy (R-Quincy) was working in Legislative Session in Springfield, she released the following statement to commend the initiative.

“This development is a proactive solution to address the concerns of the presence of legionella bacteria in the water supply used by the Quincy Veterans’ Home. It is also the first step in the implementation of the Home’s long-ranging building improvement plans. I applaud the City of Quincy’s investment in its water system and dedication to helping improve the water quality for our veterans. The City’s leadership on this issue has demonstrated its commitment to provide the best care for our military heroes and serve Quincy residents,” said Tracy.

Jil Tracy

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