‘Zipper merge’ method to be added to state’s Rules of the Road

Legislation that makes an effort to keep traffic flowing, prevent backups and promote safety passed the Senate during the week. Senate Bill 2038 would require the Secretary of State’s Office to add information on how to properly merge into one lane of traffic to its Illinois Rules of the Road guide. 

Under the legislation, the “zipper merge” method would be required to be taught to drivers. Experts believe this is the proper and most efficient way to merge multiple lanes of traffic, as drivers utilize both lanes until they reach the point that one lane narrows. Drivers then take turns merging with the other lane of traffic, creating a zipper-like effect. 

Proponents note that studies prove that merging early only creates one single long line and slows traffic because it minimizes the amount of usable road. The “zipper merge” method, on the other hand, uses two lanes of roadway for as long as possible.

Jil Tracy

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