Finger-printing, fee increases for FOID stall out

A measure decried by Second Amendment advocates as an unnecessary infringement on privacy rights stalled out during the last week of the spring legislative session. Senate Bill 1966, a so-called “fix the FOID” bill, would have required fingerprinting to apply for a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card and increased fees.

New applications and renewal fees for a FOID card would have increased from $10 to $20 under the controversial measure. Applicants would also have been required to pay costs for fingerprinting and processing a background check – an extra expense on top of the application fee.

Additionally, FOID cards would have been valid for only five years instead of the current ten, meaning the increased fees would be twice as often.

Facing opposition, the measure failed to move during the spring legislative session.

Jil Tracy

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