Sen. Tracy: Action needed to improve ‘State of State’

Action is needed to improve the “State of the State” and Senator Jil Tracy says lawmakers must get to work to restore fiscal responsibility and January 29 in the House of Representatives chambers.

“Governor Pritzker took a look back at his first year in office and laid out his agenda for the next year. He says he wants to work in a bipartisan manner – so this is his chance. We need to work together and concentrate on paying off our debt. We need to work together to cut spending and stop putting off pension payments,” Senator Tracy said. “And one of our greatest and most urgent priorities is the need to lighten the tremendous burden on taxpayers and implement a plan for real long-term property tax relief.”  

The 47th District Senator says she stands ready to work with Governor Pritzker and her fellow lawmakers to promote the kind of economic climate that encourages job creation and growth.

“We must all take action necessary to rebuild our economy and care for our residents — and that will require compromise from both sides of the aisle,” Senator Tracy said. “My district priorities are school funding reform, transportation and infrastructure improvements, and services for our veterans and our most vulnerable residents.”

Other challenges include ethics reform needed to address corruption, and giving the people of Illinois – not just the politicians – a voice in the process of drawing legislative maps. 

Governor Pritzker is expected to present his Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Address February 19.

(A video interview with Senator Tracy can be seen by clicking here).

Jil Tracy

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