Senate and House Republicans introduce People’s Independent Maps Act

State legislative leaders took a stand this week against Illinois’ longstanding history of gerrymandering, arguing that lawmakers have no business being involved in the drawing of legislative district boundaries.

Senate and House Republican leaders came together March 30 to introduce the People’s Independent Maps Act (Senate Bill 1325), a proposal to allow Illinois’ legislative redistricting maps to be determined by an Independent Redistricting Commission.

Every Illinoisan deserves to be represented in our democracy, and an independent map drawn by the people for the people NOT by the politicians for the politicians is the best way to make their voices heard. For too long, the people of Illinois have been deprived of this right.

Senate Bill 1325 is about ensuring that politicians can no longer pick their voters. It’s about creating fair maps drawn by an independent commission and ensuring that every voter is fairly represented. Our legislation takes the language directly from a proposed Constitutional amendment that garnered wide bipartisan support just last year. Our goal is to create a process where voters feel like their voices matter, creating a stronger democracy for Illinois.


Jil Tracy

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