Senate Week in Review: June 17-21, 2024

Legal Battle Over Illinois Election Law Amendment Intensifies

SPRINGFIELD – The legal battle over a controversial new election law, recently found unconstitutional by a Sangamon County judge, intensified this week as legislative allies of Governor JB Pritzker petitioned the Illinois Supreme Court to review and reverse the ruling.

Senate Bill 2412, signed into law by Governor Pritzker in May, introduced significant changes to an election process already under way. One of the law’s most contentious provisions aimed to halt the process of slating candidates to fill ballot vacancies — a process already in progress statewide.

The legislation drew swift and widespread criticism from good government groups and numerous newspaper editorial boards, who viewed it as a blatant power move by Illinois Democrats designed to safeguard incumbents and limit voter choices.

In response to the controversy, candidates affected in the 2024 election cycle challenged the law, leading to a ruling in early June by a Sangamon County judge declaring the law unconstitutional for the 2024 election.

Following this decision, Democrats are now seeking to overturn the ruling, appealing to the Illinois Supreme Court where Democrats hold a 5-2 majority.

Prevent Unfair Real Estate Listing Agreements

During the 2024 spring legislative session, Senate Republicans stood up for consumers, supporting legislation that prohibits long-term and inequitable real estate listing agreements.

Senate Bill 3420, which passed unanimously in the Senate, bans companies from entering into deceptive and costly long-term real estate listing agreements with homeowners. This legislation was prompted by public outcry following accusations against a Florida-based company operating in Illinois for engaging in deceitful business practices.

The company targeted homeowners with equity in their homes but who were in financial distress, offering cash upfront in exchange for exclusive listing rights lasting up to 40 years, which extended to heirs inheriting the property.

Under the new proposal, real estate listing agreements cannot exceed one year, and violators may face prosecution under the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act.

The legislation unanimously cleared both chambers of the General Assembly and now awaits the Governor’s approval.

Regulate Historic Bridges

During the spring session, lawmakers worked together to address concerns about the future of historic bridges that, while still in use, pose potential safety risks to drivers and communities.

Senate Bill 3622 allows the Illinois Historic Sites Advisory Council to recommend that a bridge be removed from the National Register of Historic Places if the bridge is less than 22 feet wide with a banister at least 18 inches tall, is on or crosses a township road, and will be renovated or rebuilt.

The proposal recognizes the importance of preserving historic places while also providing a pathway forward to allow for much-needed repairs or replacements to address safety concerns.

Senate Bill 3622 passed unanimously in both chambers earlier this year and now awaits the Governor’s signature.

Illinois State Fair Tickets on Sale Now!

The Illinois State Fair is scheduled for August 8-18 at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. Celebrating its 171st year the Fair continues a longstanding tradition that brings together residents and visitors for a variety of activities and events.

Tickets for the Grandstand events are now available, featuring headliners such as Miranda Lambert, Lil Wayne, and Motley Crue. Additionally, the Twilight Parade is scheduled for August 8, with entries due by July 8.

The Fair also offers employment and volunteer opportunities for the summer, with applications currently being accepted. For more information, including schedules, ticket purchases, and entry forms, visit the official Illinois State Fair website at




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