Is Prisoner Review Board appointment process being manipulated? (with video)

It’s a failure of our democracy when individuals can make decisions regarding public safety, without going through the proper confirmation that our state Constitution requires. That’s what’s happening now with the Prisoner Review Board.

Governor Pritzker has appointed four individuals to the Prisoner Review Board who have been acting in that role for more than two years — taking as many as 81 votes on releasing prisoners — without coming before the Senate for confirmation.

The Illinois Constitution requires that the Senate approve EVERY executive appointee within 60 session days. That’s not what has happened with these four appointees. As the 60-session-days deadline approached, the Governor withdrew their nominations, only to re-appoint them one to two days later.

By re-appointing them, the Governor restarted their 60-session-days clock, potentially allowing these individuals to serve for another year or two without being confirmed by the Senate.

This manipulation of the process isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous.


Jil Tracy

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