Any tax increase as part of this year’s budget must be off the table! (with video)

Just a few days are left in the spring legislative session, and the biggest challenge of any year – the state budget – is still to be debated and finalized.

At a May 27 Capitol press conference, State Sen. Jil Tracy and several of her Senate Republican colleagues expressed their concerns that the Governor is trying to take money away from job-creating programs at a time when Illinoisans need them the most.

Sen. Tracy says Illinois is flush with more taxpayer dollars than ever – an additional $16 billion – so there’s no need for tax hikes, budget cuts or a loss of previously-approved job incentives.

Lawmakers are aiming to complete work on the budget by the scheduled May 31 end of session. The budget would take effect on July 1, 2021.

Jil Tracy

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