Sen. Tracy: Democrat leaders force through gun control vote during lame-duck session

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Jil Tracy (R-Quincy) says Democrat leaders have once again sidestepped full legislative accountability by forcing through votes on a controversial gun control bill during lame-duck session on Jan. 9.

The 102nd General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn on Jan. 10 with the 103rd General Assembly convening Jan. 11.

Tracy said because of its impact on the constitutionally protected rights of Illinois residents, gun control legislation should not be decided by lawmakers who will not be in office after Jan. 10 and no longer accountable to the voters.

“Today’s legislative action by the Senate is a slap in the face to law-abiding gun owners and will do little to nothing to reduce violent crime in Illinois. Almost equally appalling is what’s becoming a standard maneuver to allow outgoing legislators the ability to vote on such controversial measures without ever being accountable to their voters,” said Tracy. “That kind of maneuvering does not do much to promote faith in the legislative process.”

Tracy says she does not support House Bill 5471 because it erodes citizens’ Second Amendment rights to bear arms.

Jil Tracy

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