Senator Tracy statement on Chicago Mayor-Elect’s Speech

SPRINGFIELD – State Sen. Jil Tracy (R-Quincy) released the following statement after Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson delivered a speech to a joint session of legislators April 19 in the House of Representatives Chamber of the Capitol.

Tracy says Mayor-Elect Johnson called for a productive and energetic partnership to promote a new day for Chicago and a new day for the state of Illinois. However, Sen. Tracy believes Johnson missed the mark on his proposals.

“The Mayor-Elect has a lot of exciting goals about a new Chicago but did not say much about the hard reality of several of his economic ideas that would tax businesses out of the city. That kind of economic hit would have far-reaching effects beyond just the city, including the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit each year,” Tracy said. “And he avoided offering real solutions to the crime currently gripping the city streets. Those are problems that must be addressed immediately. How will he curb the violence? What are his plans to ensure perpetrators of crime are held accountable? I did not hear a lot in his speech today that gives me confidence about the direction in which he plans to take the city.”

Tracy says a vibrant and safe City of Chicago is vital to the economic well-being of Illinois and “I will remain watchful and hopeful that we can work together to achieve those goals.” 

Jil Tracy

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