Sen. Tracy co-sponsors responsible reopening plan

Senator Jil Tracy is joining her colleagues in offering a safe and responsible reopening plan for residents and businesses in Illinois.

The 47th District Senator is co-sponsoring new legislation that establishes protocols for businesses to resume operations and begin rehiring, with public safety guidelines to protect patrons and customers. The plan is more expansive than the Governor’s recently announced changes to his orders.

Senate Bill 3993 would require the Illinois Department of Public Health to establish and publish Safe Place of Business protocols by May 30.

“When COVID-19 first started its terrible journey in Illinois, we did not question the need to stay at home, recognizing the need to learn more about the virus, to flatten the curve and to do what we could to protect our healthcare system from being overwhelmed. Those efforts and the development of new treatments have helped,” Senator Tracy said. “And many regions are fortunate to have not had serious outbreaks at all, and for that we are thankful. After more than two months of stay-at-home quarantine, we can now begin to work with our employers, and trust them to implement and follow realistic protocols that will help keep employees and customers safe.”

The Safe Place of Business protocols will include:

•        Customer density limits based on business facilities’ square footage and appropriate social distancing;

•        Face covering requirements for employees; and

•        Regular cleaning regimens.

Senate Bill 3993 also addresses daycare capacity changes as employees who had previously been declared “non-essential” are called back to work and will need daycare providers.

Very importantly, the legislation would also require any future extension of the Governor’s initial disaster proclamation to be approved by the General Assembly.

“Illinois has a representative government made up of three distinct but equal branches of government,” said Senator Tracy. “It’s time for lawmakers to have more say in decisions as we work to restore both our public and economic health.”

Jil Tracy

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