‘Reform’ legislation opens door for election fraud

Senator Jil Tracy says she did not support an election reform omnibus bill approved by a strict 37-19 party-line vote May 22, because it opens wide a door to election fraud that will nullify the legitimate votes of registered voters in Illinois.

Senate Bill 1863 adds a new article to the Election Code to govern the conduct of the 2020 General Election.

Among its provisions:

• Vote-by-mail applications will be sent to all who applied for a ballot in the 2018 general, the 2019 consolidates, or the 2020 primary.

• Voter registration and change of registration will include ability to request a vote by mail ballot.

• A special panel of three election judges (no more than two from same political party) to conduct a signature review of ballots submitted by mail.

• People who are age 16 and older may be appointed an election judge.

• Early voting hours will be extended in the 15 days before the election.

• Curb-side voting will be allowed.

• Vote-by-mail ballots can be returned by mail or to a secure postage-free drop box.

“We have valid concerns that should have been given weeks of analysis before the public, but were allowed just minutes of consideration during Senate debate this afternoon. A person intent on fraud can drop his or her ballot in the mail, then go vote in person. Drop sites are not secure and can be easily tampered with. Local officials are being asked to implement changes they have had no say in deciding. And are we really asking a 16-year-old election judge to stand up to an adult trying to cheat the system?” Senator Tracy said. “We already have a vote-by-mail system that works just fine. These new changes do not have sufficient safeguards in place to protect against the bad actors – and they are out there – who are intent on voter fraud.”

Jil Tracy

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